Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 11 A

I am, admittedly, one of those people that loathes email campaigns and newsletters.  I never open them, never read them, send them to the junk folder immediately.  I only ever sign up for them if they offer an incentive for signing up.

The longer I meditate on that thought, though, the more I wonder if that’s actually true. Every now and then an email will come through from a clothing company I’ve signed up for with a header reading “Clearance 75% off!” and I think “oooOOOoooh” and click on it.  I’ve spent money on websites solely because I’ve opened email newsletters… so maybe I’m not as immune as I thought I was.

The business I am “running” for this class provides a service rather than a product, which is a bit challenging for me.  I feel like I understand the idea of selling a product a little more clearly than I understand the idea of selling a service.  And a service like “consulting” is so invisible… Coming up with images for my visual media accounts has been challenging.  So filling out an engaging email newsletter is not something I feel like I’m doing well.  I keep thinking that I could give advice or provide links but I don’t want to offer my services for free?  So where is that line…?

I feel like keeping and maintaining a blog would be the way to go for this business. And having a weekly or bi weekly newsletter on the blog and its updates.  And possibly hosting networking events monthly.  Announcing networking events in the newsletter and possibly having speakers… Just brainstorming here.  For some reason I’ve been really challenged by the business I chose to promote in this class.


  1. Very interesting point about marketing a service via newsletter! I think since you are planning on using the blog that will serve the purpose of putting out any product or service that your business implements.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I completely agree with your viewpoint. I think with emails, the subject line has a lot to do with whether the receiver will open it or not. Then again, personally I would just follow the company's social media before subscribing to their email listing.


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