Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 12 A

There are TONS of social media platforms out there and sometimes its best for a business to focus on one, just a few or a lot of diverse social media platforms to market and network for their business.  The trick is making the right decision for yours.

Lucky for me, my business is pretend (a fantasy, if you will *insert lolz here*) and so I have the luxury of experimenting with some different platforms without any real time-cost issues.  Whereas it might be an issue for an actual business owner to be running and managing a blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, tumblr, linkdin, and google+ account for little return, I can check all of this out without the worry of time-cost.  Wheeeeeeee.  Sail with me on the seas of social media adventure!

Don't you judge me Willy-Wonka-Meme...

So my next thought on social media platforms for my business would be that Linkd in would work well for us.  Well, me.  I like to pretend I have employees or a personal assistant or something (its my pretend business and I'll hire invisible people if I want to.).  As a consultant I think that any networking site would work well for me so Linkd in and Google+ sound like the next best option.  I would next go to something like yelp but I'd want to have a few solid clients first and while I'm doing this as a project that is not going to work.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 11 B

I commented on:


Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 11 A

I am, admittedly, one of those people that loathes email campaigns and newsletters.  I never open them, never read them, send them to the junk folder immediately.  I only ever sign up for them if they offer an incentive for signing up.

The longer I meditate on that thought, though, the more I wonder if that’s actually true. Every now and then an email will come through from a clothing company I’ve signed up for with a header reading “Clearance 75% off!” and I think “oooOOOoooh” and click on it.  I’ve spent money on websites solely because I’ve opened email newsletters… so maybe I’m not as immune as I thought I was.

The business I am “running” for this class provides a service rather than a product, which is a bit challenging for me.  I feel like I understand the idea of selling a product a little more clearly than I understand the idea of selling a service.  And a service like “consulting” is so invisible… Coming up with images for my visual media accounts has been challenging.  So filling out an engaging email newsletter is not something I feel like I’m doing well.  I keep thinking that I could give advice or provide links but I don’t want to offer my services for free?  So where is that line…?

I feel like keeping and maintaining a blog would be the way to go for this business. And having a weekly or bi weekly newsletter on the blog and its updates.  And possibly hosting networking events monthly.  Announcing networking events in the newsletter and possibly having speakers… Just brainstorming here.  For some reason I’ve been really challenged by the business I chose to promote in this class.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 10 B

Keeping a blog organized into categories can be helpful for both the author and the audience.  Especially if the blog isn't focused on one particular subject.  OR if the blog updates quite often it can be helpful to organize the blog into months so that readers can look back at posts from certain months or seasons.

My blog is completely unorganized right now.  Maybe that is because its unfocused?  Its for assignments only but if it were for my business I think I'd break it down into categories like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Other stuff like that.  Topics having to do with specific social media sites.  Or maybe I'd break it down into Content Creation, Videos, etc.  I'm not totally sure. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Week 10A

Getting a bit personal here...

But honestly how cute is that photo?  That is a photo of myself and my daughter trying in matching dresses because that is outrageously cute.  Agreed?  Agreed.  This blog post is about getting personal in a blog post (how meta is that?) so I figured I'd start off by getting a little personal myself.  But when is it appropriate to get personal in a blog post and when is it not?  What topics, products and audiences lend themselves to a more personal tone or approach?  I'm no expert, but I am a student so I can make some observations as I learn. 

When the topic is something of a personal nature to the author I believe writing in a more personal way connects the audience better.  So if the author is writing about a product for, say, infant care, the author is likely a parent the readers are likely parents or parents-to-be.  This audience likely responds best to personal experience.  If the author is writing about makeup there isn't a ton of need to get deep down and intimate with your personal life. 

I think that a blog should also maintain a style.  If the blog is often writing in a certain voice it should maintain that voice throughout.  Some authors just tend to write the way that they speak therefore giving their blog a more personal feel regardless of the information given. 

That's my take!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Week 8A

Today as I checked my personal Instagram I thought: "How would I use this for my pretend-business?"  I chose to create a pretend social media consulting business for my project in this class but that doesn't seem to provide me with a lot of engaging visual content... How, though, am I to be successful on social media without visual elements?  As someone now running a social media consulting business page this is obviously concerning.  I better figure it out quick.

After reading the articles provided and comparing the top 8 visual networks I came to a decision on an instagram.  But here is my breakdown:

Snapchat: After the last update roll-out snap chat is basically dead.  So I didn't really both researching it much.  Snapchat has been dying a slow painful death over all (stocks though.  yiiiikes... and then the kylie jenner more about that here) so as far as a business owner starting a new visual content marketing network I think no Snapchat for me. 

Pinterest:  The link provided to the article on "why you should use pinterest" didn't seem to work.  But I'd pretty much already decided that I wouldn't be using pinterest... this is mostly due to the fact that I know Instagram really well and had decided to use instagram (I may start an pinterest to give it a shot).  I'll need to do more research on pinterest.

Youtube: I do NOT have the time or know-how to provide consistent content for a youtube channel right now.

Twitter:  Twitter was the only other network that I was really considering besides Instagram.  Its got a lot of users, it allows for short, to the point posts and photos, etc. 

Tumblr:  I don't think the audience on Tumblr is right.  Just from my personal experience.

SO this winner here, obviously, is Instagram.

Instagram is easy and user friendly.  I used to describe it like flipping through a magazine except you've created the content yourself by choosing who you follow and what companies you follow.  Therefore the ads (for the most part) are all tailored to your likes.  I feel like I "get" instagram.  To a degree anyway.  Though I've never used it for a business.  I'm excited to give it a go!

And here she is.  My shiny new instagram business page:

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 7B

CONTENT!  Scheduled content that is.

So, these posts have already been posted to my page by this point but they were extremely easy to create and then just let be!  What a great tool!  I could have created as many as I wanted and just scheduled them out as I wished.  That is so convenient and a really great way to keep content consistently on your page.  As a business owner life can get busy.  So have a day dedicated to creating and scheduling content seems smart to me and facebook makes it fairly easy to do.

I chose to post a couple of articles relating to marketing yourself on social media.  One of the articles I posted was about Youtube marketing and I chose that article because of a post I had made earlier in the week that said that videos are a highly successful marketing tool.  I included a funny meme to catch viewer attention.  The next post I posted was about creating content.  I think my viewers will respond well to these posts because they relate directly to why someone would be following my page in the first place.  They are looking for ways to boost their business online and on social media so these little tips and tricks should be interesting to them, but they aren't enough to completely eliminate the need for my services.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 7A

This week I liked some buisnesses with my new fancy shmancy facebook business page to follow some pages that I think would have useful content that I can not only share with my followers but also learn from.  As someone who wants to go into PR, Social media and event planning I decided to stick to liking pages that focus on those aspects of marketing.  These are the pages I liked:

I tried to choose pages that were posting current content and posting frequently.  I also tried to choose pages that were relevant to what I'm trying to do with my career so that I can learn from the way the pages are being utilized.  I'm also hoping to be able to share some content from the pages I follow.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Week 6A

This week I started a Facebook business page for a business I completely made up called LinkUp Social Media Consulting.  It has exactly 0 likes currently but I have high hopes for its pretend success.

Ok jokes aside, this experiment has already been a huge learning experience.  Despite having never owned a business before I have run "Pages" on facebook before and had no idea how to use the pages features.

Something to think about and that I'll be covering today in my post is reach vs engagement.  As part of my research on this topic I read this article linked below:

So we'll go piece by piece starting with reach.

Reach is how well your content is "getting out there".  Your pages reach shows how many people see your content and how well its getting out into people's newsfeeds.

Engagement goes beyond reach and is almost self explanatory.  Engagement shows how often your audience engagement with your content through likes, clicks, comments, etc.

NOTE: It is pointed out in the above article, and I think important to remember, that a wider reach may lower your engagement stats.

Facebook Insights allows you to keep track of your reach to see how well your posts are doing (and this will help you to keep track of how well your social media investments are doing as well).  Insights then allows you to track which types of posts illicit the most engagement from your audience.  Getting a good look at what type of content attracts your viewers is important.  So, for example, if polls don't get much engagement then don't bother!  But if videos are getting a ton of engagement focus your efforts there and on creating better quality videos for the future!

For the curious, this is my current social media project:

Please give it a Like!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week 5B

This week we are choosing businesses to promote on social media and so I reached out to my friend Amy to see if she would like me to use her clothing line DRKLGHT clothing.  She agreed and so off we go!  First things first.  Recognizing our target market.

DRKLGHT Clothing is an alternative clothing line that mostly sells T-shirts and sweatshirts with bold print or graphics on them. (for reference, here is the website:

The audience for DRKLGHT seems to be more of a niche.  The clothing specifically caters to straight edge, punk, goth, etc.  Probably age range 18-25/30 is the target zone.  Customers pay online as the store is only online and so far DRKLGHT has had the most success with instagram.  Followers of DRKLGHT also follow a lot of music pages in their genres (goth, industrial, punk, etc).

Over all the DRKLGHT customer is edgey and bold.  When shopping on DRKLGHT they are looking for something specific and with a message about who they are and that fits into their style.  Marketing to this audience will require knowing this audience well and tailoring messages and content to their specific likes.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Week 4A

image from:

This week I'm looking at aesthetic and design (which is exciting to me!).  Unfortunately I was much less excited when I chose my first business' website to evaluate and it looked like... well... follow this link to find out for yourself:

I clicked on the link only to groan loudly to myself.  "Noooo" I said out loud to the computer.  "Nooooo..."

First of all, what is this even for?  As my eyes adjust to being assaulted by the clutter of this web design I notice the words "" and I think: "Is it for skin care?  But wait, that's another web address isn't it?"

I see more words: Cool stuff.

uh huh....

More words: Chakra, Galactic Spirit... This must be a spiritual guru's site?  I'd have to dig further into the chaos to find out more.

Ok I could go on but the verdict is this: Its bad.  This is bad.  It is very bad.  I generally think that the message should be clear upon first impression and that if it is not you have done a bad job.    Secondly, if the design of your page is so cluttered with images, information, and rainbows that your viewer feels the need to physically move away from their device (over exaggerating here a bit, but you get the point.) then you've maybe over done it.  I wanted to out-loud tell this website to "calm down".

The next site I went to was this:

And I'm sitting here thinking: "OOOOH loving that title.  Head Hunter Salon.  Modern.  Fresh.  Drama. Yasss Queeeen."  But no.  The site is very plain with a very sad color scheme.

To their credit the site has a clear message and after the last site I visited I felt safe (my eyes were safe here).  The site is easy to navigate with clear a precise information.  However, the look of the thing is drab.  The first page opens with an awkward and unattractive announcement and switches to a badly taken photo of their unattractive store front.  That, however, is followed by some very attractive and modern images of hair models.  Lead with that!  And a more updated layout!  They may also want to update the images of their stylists... blurry phone photos are off putting I think...

Next I looked at this site:

Oh hello!  THIS is what I'm talking about!  This layout is everything.  Its clean, its elegant and a second later a cute little subscribe widow plops up on the screen (I almost said "bloop" out loud I was so pleased.  Mostly because I just read an article on online lead generation... anyway...).  The whole site just feels welcoming and because they offer classes and admission I would hope that they understood the importance of being welcoming and inviting.  Obviously they do.  Much of their art is displayed immediately upon arriving on the site too.  This site is soooo pretty to look at and so easy to navigate!  Need I say more?  No I need not.

Lastly I looked at: for reasons...

I mean.  Apple has always had great design aesthetic in my opinion.  Super clean, crisp, easy to navigate.  Professional.  Mature.  You immediately know you're on an apple site.  It feels like apple.  I think that that is the genius behind their design aesthetic.  It is so simple yet so recognizable.  You can go to a website and the entire thing is white with simple clear lines and think "Yup this is apple all right."

Week 12 A

There are TONS of social media platforms out there and sometimes its best for a business to focus on one, just a few or a lot of diverse soc...