Friday, April 6, 2018

Week 10A

Getting a bit personal here...

But honestly how cute is that photo?  That is a photo of myself and my daughter trying in matching dresses because that is outrageously cute.  Agreed?  Agreed.  This blog post is about getting personal in a blog post (how meta is that?) so I figured I'd start off by getting a little personal myself.  But when is it appropriate to get personal in a blog post and when is it not?  What topics, products and audiences lend themselves to a more personal tone or approach?  I'm no expert, but I am a student so I can make some observations as I learn. 

When the topic is something of a personal nature to the author I believe writing in a more personal way connects the audience better.  So if the author is writing about a product for, say, infant care, the author is likely a parent the readers are likely parents or parents-to-be.  This audience likely responds best to personal experience.  If the author is writing about makeup there isn't a ton of need to get deep down and intimate with your personal life. 

I think that a blog should also maintain a style.  If the blog is often writing in a certain voice it should maintain that voice throughout.  Some authors just tend to write the way that they speak therefore giving their blog a more personal feel regardless of the information given. 

That's my take!


  1. I totally agree with your blog on Getting personal here....
    As you've mentioned, when it comes to products it definitely makes impact to put out personal experiences. Its really important to maintain the consistent tone throughout the blog to keep a reader glued to the post. Nice one...

  2. I couldn't figure out how to put it in words before but I think you said it right about writing the blog in a certain voice that should be maintained throughout. Whatever voice that is, should be carried out from the personal voice that we have to connect with our audience. Take out the sterile writing and give it a touch that people really can connect with, then like I do, get more in touch with the business I am following.

  3. That is true with what you said about when writing about a product or service, the writer is likely living the experience with the product or service.


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