Friday, March 16, 2018

Week 8A

Today as I checked my personal Instagram I thought: "How would I use this for my pretend-business?"  I chose to create a pretend social media consulting business for my project in this class but that doesn't seem to provide me with a lot of engaging visual content... How, though, am I to be successful on social media without visual elements?  As someone now running a social media consulting business page this is obviously concerning.  I better figure it out quick.

After reading the articles provided and comparing the top 8 visual networks I came to a decision on an instagram.  But here is my breakdown:

Snapchat: After the last update roll-out snap chat is basically dead.  So I didn't really both researching it much.  Snapchat has been dying a slow painful death over all (stocks though.  yiiiikes... and then the kylie jenner more about that here) so as far as a business owner starting a new visual content marketing network I think no Snapchat for me. 

Pinterest:  The link provided to the article on "why you should use pinterest" didn't seem to work.  But I'd pretty much already decided that I wouldn't be using pinterest... this is mostly due to the fact that I know Instagram really well and had decided to use instagram (I may start an pinterest to give it a shot).  I'll need to do more research on pinterest.

Youtube: I do NOT have the time or know-how to provide consistent content for a youtube channel right now.

Twitter:  Twitter was the only other network that I was really considering besides Instagram.  Its got a lot of users, it allows for short, to the point posts and photos, etc. 

Tumblr:  I don't think the audience on Tumblr is right.  Just from my personal experience.

SO this winner here, obviously, is Instagram.

Instagram is easy and user friendly.  I used to describe it like flipping through a magazine except you've created the content yourself by choosing who you follow and what companies you follow.  Therefore the ads (for the most part) are all tailored to your likes.  I feel like I "get" instagram.  To a degree anyway.  Though I've never used it for a business.  I'm excited to give it a go!

And here she is.  My shiny new instagram business page:

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