Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 7B

CONTENT!  Scheduled content that is.

So, these posts have already been posted to my page by this point but they were extremely easy to create and then just let be!  What a great tool!  I could have created as many as I wanted and just scheduled them out as I wished.  That is so convenient and a really great way to keep content consistently on your page.  As a business owner life can get busy.  So have a day dedicated to creating and scheduling content seems smart to me and facebook makes it fairly easy to do.

I chose to post a couple of articles relating to marketing yourself on social media.  One of the articles I posted was about Youtube marketing and I chose that article because of a post I had made earlier in the week that said that videos are a highly successful marketing tool.  I included a funny meme to catch viewer attention.  The next post I posted was about creating content.  I think my viewers will respond well to these posts because they relate directly to why someone would be following my page in the first place.  They are looking for ways to boost their business online and on social media so these little tips and tricks should be interesting to them, but they aren't enough to completely eliminate the need for my services.

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