Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Week 13 B

photo from: http://methodmill.com/ways-to-do-facebook-advertising-that-actually-work/

Advertising on Facebook is popular for the primary reason of being highly successful.  Many other social media sites allow you to advertise or sponsor posts on their sites.  I think that for my business specifically this would be very effective.  As a social media consultant the audience browsing social media is often interested in it and how best to use it.  Ads for my consulting services would likely catch a lot of eyes.  My ads, however, would likely have to have bold and easily understood text along with eye catching imagery since I do not have a product to sell or show off in an ad.

I think I would use the boost-post option when I have a post specifically about my services or promotions offered.  I would also use the Boost Post option if I'm speaking at or attending an event to try to get as much exposure as possible and get networking.  I think I'd also try to run ads on facebook depending on the budget I had available.  I do believe that you have to put some money in to start getting money back. 

Likely I would try to focus my efforts more closely on instagram, blog and email campaign.  I feel like, for my specific type of business, these would be platforms that I could be most successful at for the least amount of money (though possibly more time commitment).  Running ads on instagram I don't think I would spring for but the option to sponsor posts maybe.

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