Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 12 A

There are TONS of social media platforms out there and sometimes its best for a business to focus on one, just a few or a lot of diverse social media platforms to market and network for their business.  The trick is making the right decision for yours.

Lucky for me, my business is pretend (a fantasy, if you will *insert lolz here*) and so I have the luxury of experimenting with some different platforms without any real time-cost issues.  Whereas it might be an issue for an actual business owner to be running and managing a blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, tumblr, linkdin, and google+ account for little return, I can check all of this out without the worry of time-cost.  Wheeeeeeee.  Sail with me on the seas of social media adventure!

Don't you judge me Willy-Wonka-Meme...

So my next thought on social media platforms for my business would be that Linkd in would work well for us.  Well, me.  I like to pretend I have employees or a personal assistant or something (its my pretend business and I'll hire invisible people if I want to.).  As a consultant I think that any networking site would work well for me so Linkd in and Google+ sound like the next best option.  I would next go to something like yelp but I'd want to have a few solid clients first and while I'm doing this as a project that is not going to work.  

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